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Abnormal animals become the norm

July 18 2006

The man, whose name sounds so proudly, nature has once again laughed at you, throwing puzzling mystery. Well, imagine now why in the U.S. town of Grove, which is located in Ohio, was born kitten, but not simple, and once with two faces. Unusual creation mews with two mouths, two of his nose, and four had not yet opened his eyes. The other two kittens from the litter born perfectly normal.

Charles Roberts, the owner of a cat that gave birth to a unique kitten decided that most likely call him "Tiger". The appearance of a kitten or how many did not bother the owner, he is more afraid that the kitten would die. But the two-faced baby, despite the sad predictions began to eat their mother's milk. Dr. Shane Bateman of the veterinary hospital at Ohio State University said that the cases of the birth of such animals are quite rare, and no explanation of the problem yet.

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Indeed, in January this year for 150 thousand dollars was offered for online auction world's only two-headed albino snake. 6,5-year reptile Wee most of his life spent in an aquarium in St. Louis. Aquarium Wee bought a 15 thousand dollars shortly after her birth. As explained by experts, the snake managed to survive, because both the esophageal lead in one stomach. Now its length is about 1.20 meters.

In 2004, a member of the City Museum in St. Louis stole it, but law enforcement authorities have discovered a unique animal in his garage. Her captor had hoped to sell stolen property, but did not realize that this snake at the moment - only one in the world, according to aquarium staff.

Representatives of the aquarium is not explained reasons for the set Wee for sale.

Meanwhile, on the island of Cuba has been found yet another two-headed reptile. Local police accidentally discovered a tiny turtle mutant under a pile of leaves on the river near the capital, Havana.

Scientists say, two heads - the result of mutation, which may be the cause of the unfavorable ecological situation

Incidentally, the news about the birth of mutant animals began to appear regularly in the Kursk region. For example, in one of the homesteads of the village Goptarovka Belovo the cow had a difficult calving. Veterinarians had to kill an animal, but it was their surprise when the light extracted calf that caused the death of the mother. Newborn was one neck and two heads.

Prior to this case in the area Fatezhskom born calf, had seven horses' hoofs, and in the Kursk, the light appeared a kitten with two torsos.

Constantine Dyatlov

On materials: NBC, Kompyulenta, Associated Press,, CNN ,

Константин Дятлов

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