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Military secrets revealed the existence of UFOs: most "no" than "yes"?

May 18 2006

If we assume that we are not alone in the universe, then the message of British military certainly came as a shock, our fellow human beings. UK Ministry of Defense released a report that leaves no UFOs and their pilots a chance to exist.

The document, classified as "Confidential - for use only in the UK" from nearly 500 pages was compiled in 1996-2000.

Six years later, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, the report was declassified.

According to the findings of the British military, in all cases, when people talked about the appearance of unusual objects and phenomena that could find a rational explanation. For example, it was the lights of airplanes, meteors and some atmospheric phenomena. The report also states that none of the UFO reports that came in the Defense Ministry, did not contain values for military intelligence, and so in December 2000 it was decided to stop the processing of such information.

However, not all as easy as it seems at first glance. Indeed, apart from UK Ministry of Defence, worldwide operating departments, long interested in the UFO problem. Their secrets are sometimes made public. To recall the story of Gary McKinnon, hacker, which the United States is accused of causing damage amounting to 700 thousand dollars of military computers and NASA. Within two years he secretly tried to find evidence for the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial technology.

To the question whether he found what he wanted, McKinnon replied in the affirmative: "Yes. There was a group called" Project "research". Book was published with 400 expert testimony, including road service, military radar operators, as well as those who took the decision to launch nuclear missiles. This is a competent and authoritative experts, and they all say: yes, there is UFO technology, there is antigravity, is easily extracted by the energy of extraterrestrial origin, we have seized spaceships and dismantled them. "

McKinnon said that in building number 8 Johnson Space Center regularly removed images of UFOs from the high resolution satellite images. Unfortunately, a hacker can not download to your computer no such pictures: "I found the photos on a single file, and, taking into account the very slow traffic, 56 kb, I reduced the resolution. What I saw on the screen, it was something unusual. It was the culmination of my efforts. It was a picture of something that is not done by human hands . It was above the earth's surface. a bit like a satellite. took the form of cigars, and the top, bottom and both sides at this facility were geodesics of the tower. Despite the low resolution, the picture was fairly clear. This thing was hanging in space, there were no joints, no signs that worked on its development people. "

McKinnon explains that the connection was interrupted just when he tried to download the image. In this case, the attacker acknowledges that "unauthorized access" to other people's computers to "illegal and a mistake."

Meanwhile, unlike their Western counterparts, Russian security officials are not inclined to make the inaccessible mystery of UFOs. Not so long ago, television showed the documentary "UFOs: The Chronicles of secret pursuits."Its authors have decided not simply to acquaint the audience with evidence of casual witnesses, but how can you tell about the evidentiary nature of unidentified flying objects

The film was first published unique declassified official documents. They suggest that the hunt for UFOs was part of military doctrine, many of the leading powers, above all, the Soviet Union. Military professionals engaged in UFO, described the secret military programs and shocking research results .

Moreover, in 2000, Russian television channel REN-TV reported sensational information. In the transfer of "military secrets" told that the Department of Defense declassified much of its archive of UFO.

The program showed the once secret lists of UFO sightings in the territory of military units, guidelines for the organization of observations of anomalous phenomena, and survey personnel, witnesses, and unique video of strange objects over military bases.

According to Alexander Plaskina, leading expert of the Russian Defense Ministry on aerospace abnormal phenomena in the ministry is always serious about UFOs and even organized in 1980 at a military base near Mytishchi top-secret center, which flocked all the information related to UFOs. In this center received information from all the armed forces.

According to Alexander Plaskina, the military collected information on UFOs, mainly in order to master new weapons and technologies. Air Force Major General Nikolai Antoshkin said that the UFO is very serious, because I have seen repeatedly in the sky, strange luminous devices, the behavior and characteristics are not amenable to earth explanation.

When he served in the 50 th Missile Division Prikavkazskogo Corps Strategic Rocket Forces, he was able to see several of these objects. The program has been shown to be filming. Nicholas Antoshkin not understand people who are skeptical about UFOs and frivolous.

Materials: RSN, InoPressa, Russian UFO Digest

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