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In the eyes of the child's toys have the physical features

March 18 2007

Each of us in childhood had a favorite doll or machine, which we would not be exchanged for a new - even the most beautiful - a toy. Scientists have proven that children know how to install the intangible connection with the surrounding objects. This ability to enthusiasm once generated by the light and water sprites.

Most parents know that children often animate things around them and, indeed, fall into the emotional dependence on their pets. Try to take away your child's old teddy bear, cracked from dilapidation - in response to a child threw a tantrum. And the child will not forget lived through injury, and no substitution will not cause his positive emotions, even if you offer a brand new analog of a teddy bear.

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As shown by previous studies, a strong attachment to various objects (primarily, to toys) to develop 70 percent of young children. Experts say this trend is particularly characteristic of Western countries, where children from an early age, learn to sleep separately from their parents.

Bruce Hood of Bristol University, and Paul Bloom of Yale University conducted a comprehensive survey of the behavioral reactions of children aged three to six years, which was accompanied by a favorite toy, at least over a third of their lives. In the field of view of scientists were children, regularly sleeping with her teddy friend or favorite doll.

According to Professor Huda, the experiment showed that in the eyes of the child's toys in addition to the physical characteristics and have by some intangible qualities that can not be copied.

He said: "If there were a machine, able to copy a favorite toy to within the atom, the children still would prefer the original, and not inanimate, in their opinion, a copy".

Scientists believe that such conduct - the manifestation of anthropomorphism, which is characteristic of our ancestors. This is an animation of inanimate objects.

For example, in the culture of ancient Slavic tribes of man and nature were perceived as a whole. In the myths and rituals not only humanize the spirits that embody the forest (forest spirit), water (water), but are themselves endowed with the elements of consciousness and will. The same seems to occur with the objects of everyday life.

The Source: "Herald"

Alexander Sviridov


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