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Mysterious city in Antarctica

October 16 2009

12887.jpeg On a desolate icy Antarctica has always been associated a lot of unsolved mysteries. Famous American polar explorer, pilot, and Rear Admiral Richard Byrd (1888 - 1957) had the opportunity to lead several successful expeditions to this continent. There is a well-founded assumption that during these trips he had to face with something extremely surprising and puzzling.

The fourth expedition took place in the summer of 1946 - 1947 years. It involved 13 ships, carrying a more than 4700 people: scientists, engineers, military experts ... Led the expedition to the Naval Office. Officially, she pursued purely scientific purposes. However in the study area, in the so-called New Swabia (now Queen Maud Land), during the Second World War, supposedly located base "Oasis", where the Germans built and tested some secret weapons. According to rumors, it was supersonic diskolety driven missile, and perhaps even nuclear-powered!

For the first time this version put forward in its publications a Ernst Zündel. True, he referred to the fantasy novel of the former SS William Oberscharführer Landiga "Idols against Tula," published in 1971, Zündel claims that "diskoletov base was built by the Germans in 1938-39 years. Responsible for the expedition was appointed Captain Alfred Ritsher.

12888.jpeg Today, the German authorities flatly deny the existence of any information about the "secret weapon of the Nazis in Antarctica". And yet - not whether it should try to find Admiral Byrd? Not by chance that led them to operation was codenamed "Haydzhamp" - "High jump"? It was assumed that the German diskolety flew and landed upright ...

Unknown to determine whether at that time Byrd to find something. The last time he visited Antarctica in 1955 in a book written by Amadeo Giannino and published in 1959, two years after the death of the admiral, described the sensational details: near the pole Rear Admiral drew attention to a strange spot, then streaked with yellow, then red, then purple.

Approaching it, the pilot noticed something like a mountain ridge. Byrd flew over it and saw (as it first seemed) a mirage - forests, rivers, grasslands, where grazing animals like mammoths. And yet - strange aircraft that resemble flying saucers, and ... something resembling a city with buildings, as if carved from crystal. Outside thermometer began to warm up sharply until the stalemate in the stunning elevation - +23 º C. And it is at the South Pole! Radio contact with Earth was not working ... "

Baird's wife, read it on-board magazine, said that Rear Admiral during one of the flights over the mainland ... came into contact with an unknown civilization for thousands of years ahead of us in our development! Living in the country to remind people of the Antarctic, but were more beautiful and livelier.

Between them did not arise wars, they have adopted new forms of energy, allowing to run the vehicle's engine to get food and light as if from nowhere. Brothers on reason informed Byrd that they have tried before to make contact with the rest of the world's people, but people answered them the hostility that their aircraft was shot down ... And now they are ready to assist humanity only when our world is on the verge of self destruction ...

p style = "text-align: justify;"> 12653.jpeg Byrd showing their achievements, the Aborigines have helped him return to the ordinary world. Upon his return found that his plane burned fuel at 2750 'extra' miles the road ...

The competent authorities strongly advised the Admiral not to tell anyone what they saw and found on him strict control by the end of life. Perhaps that is why Byrd later had never spoken publicly about UFOs or contacts with other civilizations, and written his own books - "Little America" and "One" - no hint of any sensational discoveries. However, according to Mrs. Byrd, the events of the last trip with her husband filmed and described in detail in his secret diaries, whereabouts are today, nobody knows.

Jury Suprunenko

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