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The Mystery of clinical death prolong people's lives?

May 15 2006

What could be more mysterious than death ...

No one knows what lurks out there beyond life. However, from time to time there are testimonies of people who visited the state of clinical death, portraying the extraordinary vision: the tunnels, bright light, encounters with angels, deceased relatives, etc.

Interest in this issue for several years fueled the book of the famous doctor and philosopher Raymond Moody Life After Life. " He first gathered and compiled the most vivid manifestation of near-death experience .

"The dying man hears at the time of extreme physical exhaustion, as the doctor finds his death. Until he heard an unpleasant noise - a loud ringing or buzz. At the same time, he feels that rapidly sweeps a long dark tunnel ... His encounter any creatures, and among them he learns of dead relatives and friends ...», - Dr. Moody writes in his book.

But according to recent scientific discoveries, all these experiences are just a dream. This conclusion came Professor Kevin Nelson, a neuroscientist at the University of Lexington, Kentucky, who conducted the research in this area.

"The feeling that they are surrounded by white light can cause eye or other activity during REM-sleep (REM) phase, when a person dreams "- explains the scientist. In addition, extreme muscle weakness may increase the patient's feeling that he was dead, and even convince others that this is the case in reality.

Nelson argues that the dying experience - it does not necessarily dreams, because basically these two phenomena are completely different. The purpose of this study is to give the biological basis of how having such a vision, not to dissuade the impossibility of life after death.

According to scientists, it features a system wake-up man, when the stage of REM sleep coincides with wakefulness, may become the basis for the emergence of death-experiences.

Meanwhile, doctors are trying to find a practical application of clinical death for the benefit of their patients.

Dr. Hazan Alam from the hospital in Massachusetts, said that patients who are in mortal danger, may soon be placed in a state of "suspended animation" , that is - suspended animation, a temporary cessation of all vital functions.

In this state, lack not only the pulse, but also the electrical activity in the brain, and even the tissue does not consume any oxygen. Doctors could quietly for hours, to conduct a surgical operation to save the patient, while it is in this artificially-induced state on the border between life and death.

By the usual definition - a clinical death, only artificial . However Alam believes that doctors will soon learn how to safely remove a person from a state of «suspended animation». Alam offers for such an operation to pump all the blood of patients, and that tissue did not die without oxygen - very cool of them.

After the operation, the heated blood of the man himself should upload it back, and heart - to run.Alam said that this experience has already been successfully performed on pigs. And he hopes that will soon be followed by testing of this technology in humans.

Indeed, clinical death often creates real miracles and not just with people. In the village of Mala Valyaevka Penza region lives "clairvoyant" dog named Fatima.

One day Fatima befallen trouble, she died suddenly. The dog did not bury, but what was surprising the hostess, when the next morning, Fatima happy was eating his breakfast.

"The most interesting thing started after our Fatima" resurrected - a helpless gesture of Valentine. - Nature and habits of the dogs have changed completely. It was a real security guard our territory. Extra yard will not start! From me - a single step. And once we sit with her in the evening at home alone. Mechanically I was with Fatima advice: say, to go to Moscow on business or not? The dog shook her head in response, well, like water shaking.

I decided that just a coincidence. Just in case, repeated the question. The result - the same: a dog frantically shook her head as if discouraging me. In the capital, still went to Valentine, and then regretted this decision: the sick, and in addition has lost all the money! "

After this incident, members of the household have to deal with this or that matter to your dog. In response, Fatima, or shakes his head - "no" or nod - "yes." While "seer" has never made a mistake .

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