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"Yeti" again footprinted

September 13 2006

The mysterious and elusive "Bigfoot" again heritage. This time he decided to walk in Pinega District of the Arkhangelsk region. It was here, four kilometers from the village Shotogorka hunter Leonid Skomorokhov discovered an unusually large, resembling human footprints.

The length of the foot "Bigfoot" was 31 cm, and stride length - about 1 meter 85 cm According Skomorokhov, he found 24 should be extended over 30 meters. Hunter suggests that having such a foot size and stride length, the growth of "Bigfoot", should be about 2,5-3 meters.

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At one point between the tracks, there is the imprint of two large fists. "It feels like someone leaned on the ground and walked away," - says many churches. The size of his fist, he assesses how well the human, not a giant. The only "but" embarrassed Skomorokhov: "Kulachina strapping guy, but with long nails.

Leonid Skomorokhov personally made a plaster cast of the trace and reported his discovery Karpogorskoy ohotinspektsii, professionals who have made photo and video-taped and took casts of research in the area.

Former head of the administration of Ministry of Defence Pinezhsky District Nikolai Lybashev told that the legend of "snowman" walking among the locals over a hundred years.

By the way, no less sensational case occurred in April last year in Canada. Modest ferryman Bobby Clarke of the provincial town by Norway House, became almost a national hero after Nelson filmed on the river, that five hundred miles from Winnipeg, the movement of "Bigfoot" and even his face. The film was shot on digital video camera and last for 2 minutes 49 seconds.

April 17 at 6:30 am Bobby Clarke was to document the river to work, when suddenly on the opposite bank of the river at a distance of 250 meters saw a dark silhouette, running along the shore near the water's edge.

Ferryman, without hesitation, began to shoot a figure on a video camera, which almost never left. In the footage shows a large hairy humanoid creature, increasing approximately 2,5-3 meters. Creature wanders along the shore, sometimes making his way through reeds. At some point, it seems, something felt as sharply turned and stared directly into the camera. My nerves could not stand the ferryman, and he ran away, leaving the "Bigfoot" on the river bank.

Record left a lasting impression among those who saw it. Even hardened skeptics to dispel all doubts about the existence of "Bigfoot".

According to Ms. Missy Flett, a member of the Town Council by Norway House, there is no doubt that the record is Bigfoot, but not a bear or some other wild animals living in the area. The eye catches something that is being moved "gracefully", as a man. "It's scary - said Flett. - It exists. It really exists. " However, the person on the record because of morning twilight can be seen clearly.

Clark gave an entry to experts, if its authenticity is confirmed, the enterprising ferryman hopes to profitably sell the video.

article, this is not the only evidence that the "Bigfoot" settled near the shores of the river Nelson. Another rafter Hubert Folster about six minutes saw humanoid creature wandering in the thickets of reeds.

Constantine Dyatlov

The Source: Rosbalt,, Membrana

Константин Дятлов

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