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Mysterious bloodsucker Chupacabra came to us from the past?

July 13 2006

Mysterious bloodsucker, sinister predator Chupacabra (goat vampire), destroying animals first made itself felt in 1975 on a farm in Puerto Rico. Then one night there was mysteriously killed all the chickens in the carcasses of which there is not a gram of blood.

Since 1989, rumors of vampires spread in all Spanish-speaking towns in the U.S., Mexico, and later in Europe. According to eyewitnesses, "Chupacabra" - a big monster on his feet by three large fingers with long claws and the body - like a huge wolf with no feathers, but with a thick gray-brown skin, four canine teeth in the jaws have a length of 5 cm, eyes bright red.

Strange creature hunts at night, attacking wild and domestic animals and birds, sucking blood and disappears. Around his neck bleeding corpses always remain a small circular wound with a perfectly smooth and round edges, and at the scene, as a rule, there is no single drop of blood. Most farmers find animals who are victims of Chupacabra, without internal organs, without eyes, tail or paws.

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Some describe Chupacabra as bipedal dinosaur, or indicate similarities with the kangaroo. Jose Martin, a leading ufologist in Puerto Rico from the city of Rio Piedres, calls Chupacabra "abnormal biological individual and considers it the result of complex genetic manipulations performed by people.

Experts and a journalist in South America linked the appearance of Chupacabra with UFO visits and many tend to believe that the Chupacabra - alien biorobot.

Some at the same time do not exclude that it is an unknown animal science, wildlife of our planet studied because not completely. Whatever it was, in August last year into the trap of Texas farmer came across an animal suspiciously reminiscent Chupacabra.

Reggie Lago set a trap after he discovered that many of his chickens and turkeys were killed by an unknown creature. In the trap got a cross between a bald dog, rat and kenguru.Trup was given to scientists in order to enable them to determine what kind of creature. However, later it became known that the corpse of an animal destroyed, but he belonged to the earthly beings and has remained a mystery.

It is possible that the veil of secrecy over the mysterious bloodsuckers priotkroyut Australian paleontologists who discovered fossilized remains of saber-toothed carnivorous kangaroos. together with another twenty kinds of previously unknown animals in the excavations in Queensland. Scientists describe the animal as a "demon, wandering the expanses of prairie.

Professor Michael Archer of the University of New South Wales said that the remains of carnivore pouch with large tusks have been found together with the species of kangaroos with long front limbs, which could not move jumps and gallop reports. "Since they are unlikely to jump, most likely, they moved on four legs", - said Archer.

According to paleontologist Sue Hand, specializing in vertebrates, modern kangaroos look very differently than their ferocious forebears, which lived in this area 10-20 million years ago. Who knows, maybe someone of them survived to our days.

Meanwhile Chupacabra resurfaced in Russia under the Orenburg. The trouble began in late March 2005 near the district center Saraktash. At the farm Saperka two farm families suddenly lost 32 turkeys. The bodies of birds found in the morning, were completely drained of blood. Predator that killed them, none of the owners have not seen and not heard.

Then in the village Gavrilovka victims of the night vampire become sheep. The unknown animal also visited the villages and Vozdvizhenka Shishma. They died during the night for 3 - 4 sheep or goats. A total losses amounted to more than 30 district small ruminants.

Constantine Dyatlov

The Source: UFODOS,, NBC San Diego,, Reuters, CP

Константин Дятлов

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