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How to make notes from the world?

December 12 2008

In parapsychology is well-known phenomenon of electrical votes (EVP). We are talking about the possibility of contact with the other world through technology.

For the first time such a thought was expressed in 1920 by the famous inventor Thomas Edison. He believed that our consciousness is below the physical death continues to be associated with the material world and is able to communicate with the living through a variety of transmitters.

Thus, Swedish documentary filmmaker Friedrich Jurgenson once heard the taped voices of their deceased relatives. Since then he has to investigate the phenomenon of "electrical votes." Later he was joined by the Latvian psychologist Konstantin Raudive. It turned out that the record "of votes from the other world" turns out most clearly if there are any background noise. According to Raudiva, otherworldly inhabitants are able to synthesize these vibrations to the sound of your voice.

To hear the voices of the dead does not necessarily have before it a special apparatus. At one of the Internet sites devoted to the anomalous phenomena that are guidelines for those who want to experiment. So ...

You will need the tape recorder with radio and recording cassettes, as well as a pair of headphones. Insert a blank tape into the slot and put on headphones. Then turn on the radio and look for an empty frequency, where you can hear static, but there is no interference.

Relax and mentally refer to the dead, whose voices you would like to hear on the tape. Ask them to leave with you the link.

Be prepared for the fact that during the actual recording you will not hear anything special.A few minutes later, stop recording and rewind the tape to the beginning. Start playback on the loudness of about 20% of maximum, and then adjust it up until all the sounds will not be clearly identified and thus will not cut the ear.

How to distinguish "power vote" on the standard interference? As a rule, they sound at high frequency, monotone speech tempo - unnaturally fast. Most often, people can easily recognize the voices of their deceased loved ones.

Sometimes the "electric voice" sounds odd. If you think you hear a "suspicious" sound check with the counter of the film out this site. When you take a listen to the marked areas of special attention.

By the way, the more often listen to the film, the sharper the sound "strange" to vote. Each time, they are more "manifest"!

However, we should not rejoice prematurely. First, make sure you talk to it from that light, rather than from the next apartment!



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