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Sinister secret of spontaneous combustion of human

November 12 2009

13101.jpeg Exactly 35 years ago, on Nov. 12, 1974, drummer Jack Angell slept like the dead sleep to wake up four days later with severe burns, it is unclear from now involved. The room around him will not be any trace of the fire - but the left hand man will be burnt to the bone, and that's not counting other burns on his body. Enedrella case - one of the most blatant examples Pyrokinesis over the past few decades.

Such horror stories inspire fear in people to drive scientists into a stupor and make us afraid of the mysterious forces that cause the human body to ignite and burn like gasoline soaked cloth.

In medieval treatises, it was called "devil's fire." The first detailed evidence of spontaneous combustion appeared in the XVIII century: in 1731, died a horrible death the Countess Cornelia de Bandi. In her bedroom mansion in the Italian town of Kasenyi morning the servants found a pitiful remains of her mistress - upholstered with silk stockings legs, three fingers and part of the skull. All other parts of the body turned to ash, although none of the interior of the fire was not injured.

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After 13 years in the British town of Ipswich woman discovered a charred corpse of his father, 60-year-old drunks Grice Peta, on the floor of the house. "It burned without fire, like a bundle of firewood," - then told shocked woman, claiming that the clothing the deceased was not damaged at all in flames.

Apparently, in those days Pyrokinesis was a common feature, because in 1763, Frenchman Jean Dupont published a book entitled "De Incendtis Corporis Humani Spontaneis" - cases of spontaneous ignition of people. In this study, we collected descriptions of the incidents, details of which the author is able to find out.

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13100.jpeg In particular, Dupont mentions the remarkable story of his countryman, the Parisian Nicolas Millet, who was accused of burning down his own wife, but acquitted by the court. His wife was abusing strong drinks, and often drank at home. One day my husband came home from work and found instead of its second half only a handful of ashes on the mattress. In the black pile of ashes the police turn up the fragments of the cranial bones and phalanges. Amazingly, a straw mattress on which lay a drunken woman, was only slightly damaged by fire.

And it was not the only case Pyrokinesis, became the property of the literature. In the famous novel by Charles Dickens' "Bleak House" is described invented their story, which is based on the death of a German immigrant, owner of a wine shop in the U.S. state of Ohio.

In 1853 a man suddenly ignited and burned alive. Forming the preface to the second edition of "Bleak House", Dickens referred to the strange and terrible death of this man, what caused numerous attacks skeptics. Literary critic and philosopher George Henry Lewis blamed the writer for distributing anti-scientific fantasies. "In these notes usually say that the human body is oily soot, so any leftover bones. Everyone knows that this can not be" - he wrote Dickens.

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dnako soon for the answer to this sinister secrets come from and scholars. In 1870, Associate Professor of Forensic Medicine at Aberdeen University published a paper titled "On the self-ignition", which relied on 54 of his contemporaries who were engaged in this phenomenon on a scientific level, and 35 scientists have expressed very specific opinions. Five thought it impossible to spontaneous combustion, and documented his examples - a hoax, the three admitted that there was no hoax was not, but saw the version with an external source of fire, 27 scientists believe in the possibility of spontaneous combustion.

In the XIX century, all evidence had been compiled, which has led to an approximate picture of the abnormal phenomenon. The essence of self-ignition is that the human body, by 70-80 percent consists of water, suddenly ignited without any visible source of fire. Flame not normally distributed, and therefore often furniture, clothes and even clothes of the victim remain intact.

The very same people suffer much more than if he had burned down in the usual fire, although the body char evenly. According to statistics, most cases of spontaneous combustion took place indoors, and they became the victims are mostly men, mostly elderly.

13099.jpeg By the way, do not think that Pyrokinesis only happens overseas. Just for example, in the USSR, all the incidents, reminiscent of spontaneous combustion blamed on careless use of fire, and so far so often do. In the world of statistics is as follows: in 1950 recorded 11 cases of Pyrokinesis in 1960 - seven cases in 1970 - 13 cases in 1980 - 22 cases.

In autumn 1990 on the Volga river, near the town Zhirnovsky, the next two shepherd the flock decided to make camp in a place where the local population a bad reputation and was called Devil's lair. When the men were arranged on vacation, suddenly the sheep bleated loudly, and one of the shepherds went to see what had happened, leaving his partner to sit on the stone. When he returned, he found this place only a charred corpse in a completely whole garment.

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Last year, a Ukrainian lawyer told reporters on his departure to a strange fire. "Burned an old woman. Outwardly, it looked like this: on the wall next to the corpse of a black site somewhere in a two by two meters, the floor soot, too.'s Left of my grandmother very little: I am one easily picked up the remains and put them on the bed sheet, while there still something fell - explained the man. - I had never seen before to burn the corpses so. The impression that this old lady burned from the inside. Then, one fireman told me that he had seen a similar case. " Since the cause of the fire set and failed to act was recorded on the careless handling of fire.

Акишина Ольга

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