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Stranger in a white teroriziruet drivers

December 11 2008

  One of the stories in the popular series "Supernatural" is dedicated to the woman in white - the ghost that appears on the roads of Europe and America, and sometimes becomes a cause of death for the hapless motorists. It is based on legends that claim to authenticity.

In the course of the investigation undertaken by the main characters, it turns out that the woman died in a ghastly family drama, and by the end of the series and does begins to resemble a fighter: an aggressive ghost with nezhenskoy force trying to destroy the heroes. The action develops into a real battle for life and death.

However, the authors ideas greatly sinned against the truth ... Nothing like a legend does not say.

There are several versions of the story about the shadowy stranger. One of them tells the story of a young man, late at night, returning home from a party. Along the way he sees on the sidelines of a young girl in a long white dress, and it brings up. Seeing that the stranger was trembling from the cold, the young man invites her to throw his jacket. On reaching home the girl, he opens the door to help her out, and then notices that his fellow traveler had disappeared. In the end, our hero decides that she just ran into the house.

The next day the young man says that a new friend forgot to return his jacket. He goes to her house and meets his mother of a girl who says that her daughter 10 years ago died in a car crash. She shows him the grave of his daughter. On the headstone is his jacket ...

> In some variations of the girl suddenly disappears from the car near a cemetery, and the driver noticed one of the gravestones of his jacket, which has just lent her ... Sometimes he gets into his parents' house late and sees her photographs in which she is depicted in the same dress in which he met her ...

Is there a "woman in white" real, not folkloric prototypes?

In 60-ies. the last century, Mary Roy and her fiancé were driving in the car to the house of the girl's parents: they took the time to inform relatives about their engagement. Along the way Mary was asleep, a young man lost control. The accident occurred, and both died.

A little time later on the same road passed another young man. He saw the girl on the sidelines in a white dress, stopped and offered her a ride. Maiden sat silently in the back seat. At some point, turning, the guy discovered that there was no one behind ... Having decided that the passenger somehow fell out of the car and now he lies wounded on the road, he went for help to the police station. Together with the duty officer, they searched all around, but no girls on the road was not there. And then both noticed that the car door opens and closes by itself ...

In most cases, the stranger in the white drivers do not cause much harm, only frightens and perplexes them. Although from time to time these ghosts are the cause of accidents.

Thus, in the mid 70's on a steep mountain road near the American city of Klamath Falls was hit by a car a young girl. Now, from time to time her ghost vote on the road. If someone of the drivers stopped, the phantom lures him away and gets into the abyss ... sometimes the ghost suddenly appears in front of the car, and he abruptly with a wag of the side, falls into the abyss, or cut into the rock ...

Insidious ghost girl in white is found and near the German town of Deggendorf, the place where the railroad passes through a tunnel. Late in the evening, it entices passers-by in the tunnel, and they fall under a train, racing at high speed ...

What do all these episodes? The Phantom Stranger is always very beautiful and dressed in a white dress. Often possible to find out that she died in a road accident ... Faced with the living, it will either disappear or, in some way influencing the minds of people, arranges accidents ...



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