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Why UFO hunt planes?

August 11 2006

Why UFO hunt planes? The answer to this question, we learn much later. At the disposal of researchers have only the facts, authenticity is often questioned, but the explanations they are never caught.

One recent, interesting cases, announced the "Komsomolskaya Pravda". In the hands of the journalists got a unique videotape, which recorded a UFO chasing military aircraft Tu-154.

The owner of the film commander Tu-154 Victor Strebkov, said that recording was made nine years ago, but he had all these years to keep silent for fear of incurring the displeasure of the authorities. Now a retired pilot, and so with peace of mind revealed its long-held secret ...

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So, 27 August 1997, Tu-154 plane, carrying families of officers from the military airfield in the Krasnodar region on a military airfield, located near Voronezh. The plane belonged to a separate vehicle regiment military transport aircraft, served the General Headquarters Air Defense. One member of the crew filming the whole flight on amateur video camera - "in memory". At 22.10, already reaching is the place of landing, the navigator on the starboard side I saw a big bright spot, which seems to accompany the aircraft. This is an exciting spectacle also fell in the film.

The crew contacted the ground and told the dispatcher. He suggested that the observed object - it's Venus, but the blue planet was shining on the other side of the aircraft. In addition UFOs did not affect any of the locators. He moved at an altitude of slightly less than the Tu-154, and at some distance. It looks a bit like a UFO aircraft with bright lights on the wing. Mysterious object about 20 minutes, chased the liner, but when he went to drop suddenly disappeared.

The first "official" cases of harassment of planes by unidentified flying objects reported in the Second World War and have the character of military reports, most of whom did not survive.

Most likely the story of fighting should begin with 1942, when the aircraft is practically all the belligerent countries met and fired in the air unidentified glowing balls. Without any consequences.

November 1944 the official start of the "neighborhood" in the sky, although, as mentioned, over a field of battle at the Kursk Bulge UFO recorded almost a year and a half earlier: report of an unusual observation was signed by several regimental commanders of the future tank battle. In 1944 "flying saucers" seen in the Rhine north of Strasbourg. In the tail of the aircraft David Makfolsa perched two objects which seemed to Lieutenant "perfectly controlled".

Since then, such clashes have occurred repeatedly. In May 1975, about Mexico City two gray disk with a diameter 3-3,5 m, with a domed haunted airplane "Piper 24" and even left on its fuselage dents from contact with the body.

One of the most notable cases of UFO sightings occurred on Sept. 19, 1976 near Tehran. Who saw a UFO the locals began to call the police and other authority.Two Air Force F-4 "Phantom" rose into the air and tried to shoot down a UFO, but at a distance of opening fire at them refused electronic control system of missile launches, and some appliances.

In May 1978, two Chilean Air Force F-5 in the region of Antofagasta took off to intercept a UFO traveling at an altitude of ten-speed, slightly less than 4000 km / h. At the time of convergence of aircraft and the last object has dramatically changed the direction of flight and speed to a value of more than 6000 km / h.

But one of the most striking and notorious cases occurred in the USSR. January 30, 1985 in the newspaper Trud published correspondence entitled "Exactly at 4.10 ..."

It was about the amazing phenomenon witnessed by the passengers and crew of the Tu-134A, flying on the route Tbilisi - Rostov - Tallinn. At 4.10 am, when left to Minsk 120 km, the members of the flight crew saw the right course and to considerably higher blindingly white point, framed by colored circles. After a while it turned into a huge cloud, located about 40-50 kilometers.

Later, the cloud was transformed into a sort of geometric figure, resembling a giant outline of the plane without wings.

According to the testimony of pilots, the mysterious object commit unimaginable for any aircraft maneuvers: the rapidly sinking vertically, just as quickly raised, left right, left. Then a cloud the size of a small lake was accompanied by an aircraft. Inside the 'object' flashed colored lights appeared fiery zigzags. In the back of the green could be seen a dense core. Suddenly, a cloud descended on the night the land of the light cone. This bright searchlight flashed houses, roads.

The pilots reported what he saw air controller of the Minsk airport. And he confirmed: "Yes, now also observed an unusual object. Passenger airliner could not tear himself away from windows.

At the same time in Minsk airside entered another Tu-134 flying on a Collision Course. The crew of the aircraft also gave the dispatcher a description of a mysterious phenomenon. Meanwhile, the cloud was accompanied by the first TU relatively long time. As if in a single bunch, they were Riga, Vilnius, with close to Tallinn. UFO recorded several air traffic controllers.

This story got a wonderful response, her interest in academics, created a special commission to study the information received from the pilots. However, this does not help solve the mystery of the phenomenon.

Constantine Woodpeckers

In preparing the materials are used: "KP" , "Work", and the book "Secrets of the UFO" by A. Varakin, L. Zdanovich

Константин Дятлов

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