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Scanner thoughts will help prevent tragedies

December 10 2009

Remember the Steven Spielberg thriller Minority Report, where they were fortune teller, who could be called a victim of crime in advance and show the scene of the tragedy? It seems that in the future it will be possible not only in the movies. Scientists around the world specifically looking for evidence of the phenomenon of telepathy, and that seems to come close to unraveling.

A group of leading neuroscientists has developed a methodology for the world, allowing to penetrate into the depths of the human brain and read a person's intentions before he starts to act. Researchers used brain imaging with high resolution to identify patterns of activity to convert them into interpretable thought, recognizing that a person intends to do in the future.

During the experiment, the researchers asked volunteers to decide, add or subtract two numbers, which they then showed on the screen.

Before we broke out the numbers, they did a brain scan using a technique called "building a functional magnetic resonance imaging. The researchers then used a computer program written to notice subtle differences in brain activity and predict the intentions of the person with up to 70 percent.

"Using the scanner, we could see the brain in search of this information, and read what the outside was impossible to say that it's there. As if the light around a flashlight, looking for writing on the wall, "- said John-Dylan Haynes from the Institute of Neurophysiology and cognitive problems to them. Max Planck, who led the study with colleagues from University College London and University of Oxford.

Perhaps in the future, this technology will be used to investigate the activities of criminals and terrorists and will punish the offenders until the potential violation of law.

However, scientists have wondered about the ethics of new technology. They see a danger that at some time scanning procedure may become mandatory. On the other hand, the prohibition will deprive the people of technology, not going to commit a crime, opportunity to prove his innocence.

"Telepathy is currently not a proven phenomenon. However, as I guess it could be one of sverhvozmozhnostey human brain. These mechanisms can and should be studied. " Natalia spondylitis, Acad.

By the way, it seems that the movie "Minority Report" was inspired by the unique design not only scientists but also from Scotland Yard criminologists. Last year, they seriously take up drawing up a list of future killers.

Calling upon the latest computer technology, they calculate the potential criminals among ordinary citizens, who in the future, with a certain probability, commit serious crimes.

On already existing in the police information about people and their specific character obtained at different times, for example, spouses in a divorce, from the employers in the event of any accidents at work, the officers will make up psychological profiles of people and forecast their behavior. Since the London police were going to process data on large numbers of people and try to calculate the hundreds of people who may in the future to commit murder.

As for telepathy, many researchers hold versions: the transfer of ideas - a function harmful and disadvantageous to society. Therefore, evolutionarily it is banned.

laquo; If all people would know about each other's thoughts, - said Academician Natalya spondylitis - that no society can not exist. After all, it can only survive by concealment of some information. So, employing self-preservation, people are "closed" by telepathy, subconscious blocking a manifestation of the unique natural gift. Therefore, the phenomenon of telepathy was highly developed in ancient times, and nowadays for the most part subsided.

Agatha Grafova

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alex 7777777 13.12.2009 | воскресенье ответить

я думаю прибор такой теоретически создать можно так как разница есть во всём и требуется только создать алгоритм который переводил бы повторяющиеся импульсы в то что нам более понятно но это бессмысленно так как даже теоретически не один алгоритм не сможет отличить действительные намерения от фантазий правду от вымосла. Даже детектор лжи мало ошибается только с людьми очень низкого интелекта.

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