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Modern necromancers: who are they?

September 9 2010

15031.jpeg Necromancers are people who study life after death. At the end of XIX century in all countries of the world has awakened interest in what happens to a person crossing the threshold of death. Fans of mystery he studied medieval tomes, removing them from the rituals that help you connect with nekromirom world of the dead, to obtain from them the true knowledge or achieved through the subordination of their phantom power over the living world.

Detailed descriptions of these attempts are contained in numerous novels, such as the "Manuscript found in Saragossa", "Love the devil", etc. These books are considered modern readers just as successful fiction writers, "horror" of the past century, aimed to tickle nerves . And is it true?

I had a chance to chat with Michael Eroshenkovym, mathematician, philosopher, poet, doctor of technical sciences, Head of Laboratory of Synergetics, Moscow State University.

Like its predecessors, the late XIX century, Michael tried to raise the mysterious veil that separates the living and the dead . His guide to this world has become a magician Tyrone.

In today's Russia, sorcerers, witches and wizards had multiplied by thousands. So, before you listen to Michael, I became acquainted with his master magician Tyrone. It so happened that a year before meeting with scientists from MSU, I visited the magical laboratory Tyrone. To be frank: my first impression was sharply negative.

The room was awash with magician typical attributes of his profession: black posters on the walls with weird characters, lighted candles on the table, the same crystal ball. Our conversation also disappointed me: the wisdom of the Tibetan monastic orders of yellow and red caps, eastern guru who trained Tyrone, the invisible essence, "drank" people power, etc. Even in parting, I asked: "Can a magician, not limiting themselves by saying their abilities, to show something concrete and visible. "

I replied, Tyrone. If I start thinking effort to move things, you believe me?

On the floor put the tray on his carton of cigarettes, which closed the transparent cap. Mag sat in the lotus position and focus. This went on for 2-3 minutes, and then ... Then the box on the order of his mind slowly began to slide back and forth on a tray.

I do not know what I saw: a manifestation of psychic ability or mastery of telekinesis Tyrone magical powers acting on the box? I know one thing: the words of Michael Eroshenkova on his journey with the magician in the cemetery should be taken seriously.

Cemetery, which visited the modern necromancers, was in the suburbs. This area has elevated energy. Local residents have repeatedly observed flying UFOs and other anomalous phenomena.

Rites, which were made at night in the cemetery, seemed written off from the pages of a medieval 'romantic' novel. Tyrone inscribed at the gates of the cemetery equilateral cross. In each of the four sectors of the cross magician portrayed mysterious signs. To report nekromiru about a new student in the center of the cross put a vessel in the urine of Michael.

Tyrone, two of his already attached to the nekromiru students and myself Michael joined hands and began to repeat the mantra behind the magician. Then all went together to the granite pedestal, erected under the roof. This put the coffin in the funeral service the deceased. Michael sat down on a pedestal, folded his arms and adopted the pose of the deceased.Tyrone began to perform a magical ritual, which included the mantra ancient Russian ritual burial.

"My body is relaxed and numb, - says Michael. There was a state of light sleep. Periodically, I hear everything that's going around, aperiodically plunged into a kind of darkness."

Precisely at midnight, Tyrone and his disciples stood around Michael and thrice solemnly exclaimed: "It is finished."

After the dedication, along with Michael Eroshenko Tyrone once again tried to contact nekromirom. It happened in the attic of the house, which was indicated Tyrone his spiritual teacher. In complete darkness the experimenters sat on the mat with embroidered on it magic signs, held hands and began reading the mantra.

After the discovery of a "bridge" between the worlds of Michael got the feeling that the darkness around like something had changed, has acquired a different density. Attic floor trembled and sounds of gnashing of metal on stone, burnt-out light bulb hanging in the attic, suddenly exploded. Of the ventilation systems were penetrated with others sounded like sobbing.

Later, Tyrone told the student what happened in the attic. It turns out nekromir filled with a wide variety of entities. Some of them, communicating with the living world, bringing in its knowledge. But there are others. They behave as the smallest real bullies trying to intimidate, deceive and confuse people.

It was with this entity, they met in the attic. Tyrone his magical eye saw her and was able to mental plan to communicate with her. It turned out that the essence of not only wanted to scare the little magician and his apprentice, but also subject them to himself. Only a mental treatment Tyrone to his spiritual teacher with huge energy, helped people escape.

I reacted to attempts to communicate with Michael Eroshenkova nekromirom quite skeptical. I often had to climb underground catacombs, to descend into the deep natural caves. I know how to act on the human pitch darkness, silence, unusual situation. Susurration perceived as a rumble, the noise of the falling drops, as inarticulate conversation, etc.

The appearance of the entity student only learned from the words of the magician. And suddenly, in fact, nothing was behind the mysterious rites in which Michael was involved?

But I was wrong. Behind all this is something or someone was standing. Eroshenko took a camera with Polaroid, which allows immediately get the picture. In some images could not see anything unusual. But on the other around the heads of people "clearly" in sight soft glow , reminiscent aura, appearing bright energetic structures, usually having a toroidal shape. Particularly struck by a student two shots.

Michael decided to take a picture of Tyrone near the wall, brought the viewfinder and pressed the trigger. Crawled out of the camera once shot a mage it was not!

Even more impressed by Mikhail next shot. Over the left shoulder Tyrone was clearly visible muzzle, much like a black cat. It was one of astral entities, had come with them.

According to Tyrone, the dead do not lie quietly in a purgatory of waiting for their turn to physical embodiment, and are living their busy, vibrant and active life. Nekromir in relation to the physical world is not an alien and an outsider. The situation is quite the opposite! Nekromir permeates the physical world. Deceased dissolved in and around us, manages all or very much in the physical world, starting with the weather changes.

PHYSICAL world, embodied in it are not cherished and treasured for life in nekromire. Moreover, its residents are extremely unflattering speak about living in the physical world, considering the lives of most of us are worthless.

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Константин Дятлов

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