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Palmyra Island - a murderer?

December 8 2008

In the Pacific, 1000 miles southeast of Hawaii has a tiny uninhabited island called Palmyra ... Its rich flora and fauna is consistent with a tropical climate. But votlyudyam in this paradise is not the place ...

Travelers who happened to visit Palmyra, did not leave an inexplicable sense of anxiety. A professional sailors and do believe this place is cursed, and its tenth bypass road.

In 1798, near not designated at the time the map of the island was wrecked ship "Betsy", steered a course from America to Asia. The ship crashed on the reefs, people tried to escape by swimming, but got to the shore just ten people - the rest either drowned or were eaten by sharks. However, this ten lucky survived only three. When two months later, they rescued another ship, the survivors said that their comrades destroyed the island itself - in fact it is supposedly not an island, and a huge ugly monster, destroy people!

Island mapped, and in 1802 he received the name of Palmyra - the so-called ill-fated ship who died.

In 1870, off the coast of Palmyra vanished American ship "Angel." Dead bodies of crew members were found on the island. All of them died a violent death, but the identity of the murderer remains unknown.

In 1940 the island came under U.S. jurisdiction. During the Second World War there has a military garrison. One of the soldiers who served in the garrison, Joe Brow, revealed that he and his comrades, while at Palmyra, is constantly experiencing irrational fear. Some said they were afraid of sharks swimming in the water ... More hysterically demanded to leave the island, saying that otherwise there will be something awful ...


Indeed, several people committed suicide among the soldiers observed unmotivated outbreak of aggression that led to quarrels, fights and even murders ...

Once on the island fell downed German plane. The military saw, leaving a tail of smoke, a burning car disappeared behind trees. They surveyed the entire Palmyra, but the wreckage was never found, though the island has absorbed them ...

After the war, people left the island. Government no longer tried to use it - too bad reputation surrounds the place ... But in 1974, an amateur sailor Three Hughes and his wife, Melanie ventured to Palmyra on his own yacht. First they went on the radio to communicate with the Hawaiian dispatchers. But after some time the link was broken ...

Rescuers found the boat near Palmyra Hughes, but the people had disappeared. And only a few days later finally managed to find the bodies of the spouses Hughes. Someone dismembered them and buried in the sand on the island. Parts of bodies were stacked in a certain order. Perpetrators of this savage crime? Maniac? Fans of the satanic cult? It had remained a mystery - the investigation came to nothing lead.

Renowned biologist Marchant Marin hypothesized that the island is actually a living being with a very powerful negative aura and able to trap people! Sci-Fi - you say? But the world is a treacherous plant-killer - from the outside they look like a beautiful flower, but it is worth approaching the victim, as the tentacles are closed tightly, never to release it from its deadly grip! Why did the bloodthirsty monster may not look like a beautiful island?

However, there are other versions. For example, why not assume that any secret magical order for centuries used Palmyra for their rituals? Or there is the entrance to another dimension? Or - the residence of aliens who conduct cruel experiments on humans? One thing is clear - mere mortals are in danger!

Margarita Trinity


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