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Niagara Falls fanned romantic Indian legend

December 7 2009

December 7, 1678 Catholic priest Father Louis Enpen became the first European discovered and described the famous Niagara Falls. In this place on the Niagara River, which separates the U.S. state of New York from Canadian province of Ontario, there are three waterfalls: Horseshoe ", sometimes called the Canadian Falls, American Falls, and Falls "Fateh". Although the vertical drop and is not very large, the waterfalls are very wide, and the volume of water passing through it Niagara Falls - the most powerful in North America.

The total height of the waterfalls quite small and is 53 meters. American foot waterfall obscures a heap of stones, which is why its apparent height - only 21 meters. Width of the American Falls - 323 feet, a waterfall "Horseshoe" - 792 meters. The volume of falling water reaches 5,720 m ³ / sec. The beauty of this miracle of nature attracts many tourists from around the world, which contributes to the prosperity of cities located on the banks of the Falls - Niagara Falls, NY, USA and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

The name "Niagara" takes its name from the Iroquois word «Onguiaahra», which translated literally means "thunder of Water". Local indigenous peoples is Iroquois tribe Ongiara (Ongiara), which French settlers called neutrals (Neutrals) for their ability to negotiate with other tribes.

Indian legend tells of a beautiful girl Lelavalae that his father espoused for an Indian warrior, whom she disliked and despised. Marriage, she chose to sacrifice himself her true love, the god of thunder Hehe But, living in a cave under the waterfall "Horseshoe." She sent her canoe in fast flowing Niagara River and ran from the height of the waterfall. Heh, but caught it on the fly, and since then their souls are living together in the sanctuary of the Thunder God under a waterfall. So says an Indian legend.

The most colorful view of the Falls opens with a Canadian bank. In a few hundred meters downstream from Niagara Falls through spanned "Rainbow Bridge", open to the movement of light vehicles and pedestrians between the two countries. Under Niagara Falls also built hydroelectric power stations, which currently produce up to 4.4 gigawatts of electricity.

December 7, 1764 as the birthday of the Hermitage. Earlier in February, the Empress Catherine II acquired a collection of paintings from the collection of the Berlin merchant Johann Gotskovskogo. After several months of 225 paintings were brought to the Russian capital, giving rise to the famous Hermitage collection. Since this year is the countdown years to the museum, and his birthday in memory of the founder is the day St. Catherine Church, celebrated on November 24, old style or 7 December and the new.

The Hermitage was opened to the selected audience in 1852. Even then, he counted the richest collections of monuments of ancient oriental, Egyptian, ancient and medieval cultures, art, Western and Eastern Europe, archaeological and artistic monuments of Asia, the Russian culture VIII-XIX centuries. In the XIX century, the Hermitage begin to systematically do the works of Russian painters, however, in 1895 they were transferred to the Russian Museum. An important source of replenishment in the second half of the century have become gifts and purchases from local collectors.The museum sent the materials of archaeological excavations, greatly enriched by his department. By the beginning of the XIX century the Museum has been set (thousands) of paintings, then in his collection there are new works of art. The collection of the Hermitage paintings already in those days were very valuable works, including the medieval masters, such as the world-famous painting of Rembrandt's "Return of the Prodigal Son."

Centre Hermitage - Winter Palace. For two and a half centuries, there was assembled one of the world's largest collections, numbering about three million works of art and monuments of world culture since the Stone Age to the present century. Today the museum and the palace is a valuable object of Russian and international tourism, and modern technologies (virtual tours) are widely used to advertise the museum around the world.

December 7, 1946 twins were born - Billy Leon and Beinn   Makkreyri Lloyd, who was destined to be the thickest in the world. These boys, known as McGuire, born in Hendersonville, North   Carolina, USA. Up to 6 years, they were absolutely normal children, however, due to the hormonal failure to November 1978, Bill weighed 337 kg, and Benny - 328 kg.

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