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Telepathy exists: it is proved a mobile phone

September 6 2006

Who among us has not dreamed at least once to learn to read the thoughts of others. Incredibly interesting that there, in the minds of neighbors. However, fantasies remain fantasies, yet no one could not actually prove the existence of telepathy. Although attempts were certainly, in fact, researchers today are trying to scientifically prove the phenomenon of thought-transference. And the use for this rather unusual methods.

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For example, Rupert Sheldrake of Trinity College (Cambridge), seriously believes that he was able to prove the phenomenon of so-called telephone telepathy. Many people faced with the phenomenon, when I suddenly heard a phone call from the man whom they had just thought.

Participants in the experiment, which took Rupert Sheldrake, have been called names and numbers of four relatives or friends. In random order, they phoned and asked to dial the participant, who was to identify the caller before you answer the call.

Respondents fell into a point at 45 percent. If the participants just randomly guessed, this figure would be much less. The same results have shown and experience with e-mail.

True, some experts embarrassing fact that the study involved not so many people - only 63 in telephone conversations and 50 in the experiments with e-mail, and it causes some skepticism.

But Rupert Sheldrake indefatigable and plans to move forward in this direction and to trace the emergence of this phenomenon in the transmission of SMS.

By a similar experiment begun by researchers from Manchester University.

In studies involving nearly one hundred volunteers. All of them were divided into pairs and are immersed in virtual reality with a special "three-dimensional" helmet and gloves. Subjects have to alternately move in a dream world.

The first selects the route, he sees and takes things encountered on his journey. Second, outside the computer game, to guess the route and name the combined items. According to team leader David Wilde, the main purpose of the experiment - to identify mechanisms of manifestation of psychic abilities .

Employees of the University of Manchester say that virtual space is just eliminates fraud. Computer and three-dimensional "hat control everything a person sees and hears inside the program.

Constantine Woodpeckers

On materials: Red Orbit,, Novye Izvestia

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