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About paranormal ... in music

August 6 2007

Many people remember the song of Rolling Stones «Jumpin 'Jack Flash». Do you think that the hero song - a strange character, Jack, skipjack, which emerged only through the imagination of participants of the famous British band? Not at all: the so-called Jack-jumper - this monster, known since 19 century, in the atlas of natural and paranomalnyh mysterious phenomena of the world of Karl Shukere him play as much as 2 pages. It is rumored that Jack the Jumper terrorized England for many years. The first mention of this monster is dated 1837 year, but then appeared and description: "a mysterious, clothed in a cloak of high creature with pointed ears sticking out, huge claws and bulging eyes. The creature was able to spew flames, flying through the air great distances in one leap to climb the wall. " At first he just scared of Londoners, and then began to kill the unfortunate passers-inducing terror in the neighborhood. When the police told about the monster, they initially thought it was a juvenile antics of mischievous child. But soon one of the constables with their own eyes saw the monster, and confirmed that all the horrific details in describing his appearance - are authentic. Assumed that the monster - a real person - Henry, Marquis of Waterford, as he often arranged sadistic jokes and physique and bulging eyes vaguely resembled a Jack-jumper. However, after the death of the Marquis Jack reappeared here and there, moreover, the area of its habitat has expanded: allege that at first it was seen only in London, then in different areas of England. The last witness the phenomenon dates back to a monster September 1904.

Perhaps, it represented several different people, but there's one hitch. Attempts to create mechanisms that allow repeated acrobatic jumps Jack Jumper, or the eruption of flame, so no to no avail. How to create an appearance - also remained unclear. Someone quite seriously believes that an alien monster.

It is worth mentioning that in the atlas of Dr. Shukere English name of Jack Jumper sounds like «Spring-Heel ed Jack», meanwhile, as it turned out, there is a group that has chosen for himself is almost the same name: Spring Heel Jack - the British, as is typical, the team , performing electronic music. Our group is not so well known, although there was quite a long time.

From creativity Rolling Stones move on to another famous British band - Jethro Tull, the album is Songs From The Wood contains track «Jack-In-The-Green». That for "Jack in the green? It is understood that this is the color of clothes, and he is dressed in green as well as «Lady In Red» Chris De Burgh - in the red? No, actually, Jack-In-The-Green - widely known in England, the supernatural character. His so-called: "Jack-in-green" or "Green Man", and assumed that it represents the rebirth of spring. By the way, if you look at Dictionary of the English language, you'll find that this name automatically passed on attending the celebration of spring a young man in the decoration of willow branches and green leaves.

A composition «Black Dog» Led Zeppelin's legendary Brits though not directly related to the anomaly (the song was called so because of the black dog runs into the studio during recording), but nonetheless, the Black Dog - a supernatural being, which in Britain is often seen in the Middle Ages! Rumor has it that it is a legend about a black dog inspired by A. Conan Doyle to create a "Hound of the Baskervilles." The funny thing is that the song is Led Zeppelin performed by a person sort of guleny that unhappy situation with his relationship with his girlfriend and, apparently, the female sex in general: "All that I ask and pray - that faithful woman met on my way" .The irony is that scary black dogs, staged an attack on people at the same time had a reputation for reliable escort women: If a lady alone, followed by a dark road, a black dog, accompanied her to the house. If we assume that Zeppelin were aware of this popular belief in Britain, the lyrics took on added interpretation. But ... it's just a guess, but for now let us turn to other versions relating to the phenomenon of the existence of black dogs. There are various theories, some believed that it was a hallucination or a case of "fear has big eyes" - a distorted perception of ordinary black dog. Others believe that the black dogs - cyclical vision related to the fact that the images of the dogs lived in the past actualized as a result of certain conditions. Such a vision - a form of moving energy imprints.

This is only a small portion of paranormal phenomena, which can be found in the work of British rock musicians. There are many more, and it can find an explanation, if we assume that the British had since childhood are impressed by the many legends and mysteries of the British Isles. They say that one only ghosts in the UK and Ireland more than elsewhere in the world!

Natalia Filippovich


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