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Parallel Worlds: from fantasy to reality - June 6, 2006

June 6 2006

The town of Silent Hill is closed for several decades, ever since it happened a tragedy: on the outskirts of coal caught fire and the entire town, broke and burned with all its inhabitants. Since entry into it is forbidden.

It is in this place brings mom her daughter, hoping to cure the child from nightmares. Town - the empty space and extinct, which come together and intersect two parallel world. One of these worlds are populated by bizarre, monstrous creatures, and it seems that out of this awful place is impossible.

That such an oppressive atmosphere woven Hollywood kinokudesnikami in the next sensational uzhasnike "Silent Hill», filmed on the eponymous computer game. And how similar is possible in reality?

Description of spontaneous transition of people in the physical body into a parallel world, and will return them back to be found in fairy tales and legends of different peoples. Added to this is ample evidence of our contemporaries. Here is a story told by a classic UFO Jacques Vallée.

The woman returned to her home in Paris apartment. Approaching the house, she discovered that is not on the sidewalk, but on unfamiliar cobbles, and instead of houses around it were fields, and could see the light in front of some homes. After about a mile, she saw in the courtyard, surrounded by a fence, a couple embracing, and viciously barking dog, rushed to her. A young boy shouted: "Jack! Me! The woman looked back and saw Paris again, right outside her she passed. She looked again at the couple, but the vision disappeared.

Another incident occurred not far from Perm. Three guys went into the woods, but walking on dry ravine, one of them fell and, as it seemed to him rolled. When he rose, he saw that he was not in the woods, and the endless field of wheat, and wheat has been growing with him, and at the field alone stood a huge tree.

Could not understand, the boy began to rush back and forth until I realized that something incredible. Of despair, he lay down and wept, but then called him a man of very high growth. Giant said the boy's hardly vidnevshuyusya pathway in wheat. He went on it and was back in the woods, only in a very different place. The hero of this story many years later told his story to members of the Perm Commission on anomalous phenomena.

Another interesting manifestation of a parallel world - is a mirage, which most often occur in deserts, seas. There they are in populated areas, but usually the people on them pay less attention. Because this phenomenon can not be reduced to pure hallucination, since there are many photographs confirming the reality of mirages, they'll try to explain this phenomenon is the emergence of fluctuations in air density, resulting in an interference pattern.

The famous explorer unknown Charles Fort and his successor, Michael Persinger collected a huge number of observations about how the sky floated offshore ships. Since ancient times, people in this phenomenon is called "The Flying Dutchman."

The fort was a voluntary outcast, preferring books, newspapers and magazines to society people. Maybe that's why it attracted so unexplained phenomenathe red rain over Blankerberge in 1819, the rains of various items (meat, biscuits, nails, wheat, live frogs, snakes, fish), snow flakes the size of a saucer in Nashville in 1891, as well as self-ignition of people, fireballs and flying saucers, mysterious label, the legendary giants and so on.

In his work entitled "The Book of the Damned: a thousand and one of the forgotten miracle," he told me that in 1846 blood rain from this blood, according to medical records of the time, came in several parts of the world. The explanation of these vortices rain, tornadoes and other manifestations of the elements that bring the contents of the ponds or stores from one location to another, where it is like rain, does not withstand scrutiny. If the warehouse can still be allowed, then the rain of the animals, this explanation does not pass, because then we would both fell and algae, and the entire contents of the pond. A drop only one type of specimen, and the same age.

Jacques Vallée in his "Passport to Mago" leads eyewitness, who observed as being in the sky, sea vessel, dropped anchor, who have clung to some object on the ground and did not allow the vessel to sail on. Then to the anchor, holding the rope down a man in a sailor shape, and, viewers left the impression that down as if swimming through the water. Seeing the people, he was frightened, and he had, by cutting the rope, anchor, which is still stored in a London museum.

Vale has collected many such cases, starting with 1211 and ending 1897. First observed in the air, sailing ships, and then watched iron steamships, which indicates that technological progress and in parallel worlds.

So why might the existence of a parallel world , where, at the same point of space, but we do not feel and go through it? We pass through the air or water, and it does not surprise us. One can imagine that there are worlds of atoms, which in relation to the atoms of our world are the air, that is, the density of atoms, their world is less than the density of the atoms of our world and so they are transparent to us.

Such is possible if the intra temperature of the substance of the parallel world, higher intra temperature of the substance of our world. It is known that the temperature increase by one to two orders of magnitude leads to a change in the aggregate state of matter. Therefore, if we assume the existence of a subatomic scale of temperatures, we can say at least four parallel worlds whose atoms relative to each other in solid, liquid, gas and plasma state. But, theoretically, the number of worlds may be infinite.

By the way, Peter Ouspensky, writer and philosopher, to orient in physics and mathematics, an expert on the history of magic and the occult v1930 has published an interesting work in the west of the New Model of the Universe. " In it he explains that the world shestimeren: three dimensions - the space, and three more - time. Assumption comes close to the idea of a multiplicity of "parallel" worlds, and even visibly trying to describe a branching fractal six-dimensional universe.

"The figure of three-dimensional time appears as a complex structure, which consists of rays emanating from each moment in time: each contains within itself its own time and emits at each point of the new rays ...».

Meanwhile, NASA researchers using computer models came to mind the idea of creating thousands of possible parallel universes, connected to each other like the air bubbles.According to experts, these spheres (the universe) may be similar or correspond to physical laws, quite different from the laws in our universe.

Thus, the possibility that each person has different pairs of himself in similar universes. Also, scientists believe that these universes could be interconnected , and between the other may be such intervals, because of which travel from one universe to another is impossible. For all other cases, the NASA believes that now is difficult to prove what recreation can be real, and what - prostyma imagination.

Constantine Woodpeckers

In preparing the materials used in the Echo of Moscow », Ufolog,« The Epoch Times, as well as books: "The cult of ancestors" Vladimir Shemshuka, The Book of the Damned: a thousand and one of the forgotten miracle "Charles Fort and the New Model of the Universe" by Peter Uspensky

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