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"Signs": crop circles ... in anticipation of landing the "alien"?

March 6 2006

Oh, those mysterious crop circles. Not only do they haunt freestyle unknown researchers, scientists and even the rule of law. Film directors also did not remain indifferent to this phenomenon .

Most viewers probably remember a few years ago a sensational fiction blockbuster "Signs" with Mel Gibson starring. He came to love the fans of horror in the vein of The Sixth Sense "and" The Blair Witch Project. "

We briefly recall the plot of "Signs." In Pennsylvania, currently lives farmer Graham Hess, a retired priest, with two of his children and his brother Merrill. Suddenly, in their quiet measured life burst into the strange events. In farmers' maize fields mysteriously appear huge circles, whose diameter is 150 meters.

Maybe appearing on the fields around - it traces of extraterrestrial life . Graham is trying to understand what is happening and gradually all this becomes the group's paranoia with "green men". Little aliens that threaten the invasion of our home planet, they try to storm a lonely farmhouse in which he lives, and the main character .... In fact, a paradoxical subtext movie, we can say philosophical, and strangely enough to the horrific events, the ratio is weak.

The film's director Night Shyamalan was trying to tell you about something else, so a secret that understand this will only thoughtful viewer. We are interested in the outer side of the issue, namely, the phenomena and events that wily director based his plot. And they had a place to be.

The first crop circles were seen in 1972, the year when the two witness Arthur Shattlvud and Bruce Bond, sitting on the hillside, hoping to see a mysterious unidentified flying object that made this area a mecca for British ufologists. But instead they saw a moonlit night as part of a fan-like ears of corn were killed, making a perfect circle on the field.

C to date has received about eighty reported exactly the same accident, some were even captured on videotape. The appearance of the circle takes about twenty seconds, and is often accompanied by a creaking sound.

In the web you can find short video: two small ball describing an arc over the field and form a circle of lying ears.

After a decade the phenomenon of crop circles began to show itself quantitatively. By that time there were already more than 9,000 reports of crop circles all over the world, 90% of which came from England. In general, the diversity of crop circles are very large. This, coupled with their huge number, casts doubt on the assertion that all crop circles are a fraud , not denying people's participation in this process.

In 1986: one newspaper had paid a certain farmer paid for the creation of the circle in his field. But this was nothing compared to the flow of fake crop circles, which gushed later.

Today it is believed that about 30% of crop circles created by people. But the problem is that none of the false circle does not contain a set of features that include real crop circles.

In the ears of fakes simply dumped in different directions, and trampled, and, of course, broken.In these circles the bottom of the figure may have up to five layers, and wheat in each layer wound in a direction opposite the previous one. Each spike in them lies neatly next to each other. In the center of the circle heads are a cunning way to twist, and often at the center may be located only one standing right ear or ears intact beam.

Another feature of this crop - it increased infrared radiation inside and outside the shape. Also in the manufacture of these Terms of mysterious forces use extremely complex forms of Euclidean geometry, changing the magnetic structure of space. Compasses can not determine where the north and south where. Cameras, mobile phones and batteries are not functioning, Geiger counters show an increase in radiation is about three times the normal background.

Animals from surrounding farms to avoid places of crop circles even before the figure appears.

These crop circles also like to be situated above the Earth's energy lines, repeating the pattern of the energy area. They can be "scanned" by the vines. Even when the harvest is collected, and the next year the field again plowed and planted, lozohodets be able to identify the place where the figure.

Interesting results were able to obtain overseas ufologists . Here the problem of the mysterious circles took up seriously and spent her time and more money. In 1992, America was founded research group "BLT", led by renowned scientist and biophysicist Ph.D. Ulyanov Livingood. Soon, in Canada, Australia, Israel and Britain will see its affiliates. Researchers from different countries looked for the crop circles, photographed them, carefully described, samples were taken of plants and then examined with a microscope and recorded all changes in their physiological state. And that's what it turned out ... In the overwhelming number of samples have been found various deviations from the normal forms. Cell walls in the membrane surrounding the seed heads were abnormally enlarged. Nodes of the stem curved and had a significantly larger dimensions. Seeds in the ears or non-existent or they were ugly, underdeveloped head.

Anomalies identified in the U.S. in the guise of plants coincided with those obtained in 1989 the English scientist Pat Dalgado. He also studied the plants grown on the mysterious circles. Like his American counterparts, the scientist pointed out that the seeds in the ear, usually absent.

Based on studies conducted by the group "BLT" and analysis of data from other researchers interested in studying the same problem, I Livingood published serious scholarly work. In it he draws the following conclusion about the origin of the circles. Collected in these plants are distinct fingerprints of short-term effects of electric field pulses and extreme heat. Such a combination could give the ion plasma vortices. According to scientists, using microwave radiation, which arises around the ionized plasma, the aliens could be applied to agricultural fields circles and other shapes that form the drawings, bearing the unsolved until now information

In recent years, the mysterious circles punctually appear on Russian fields . For example, in Novokubansk district of the Stavropol Territory. Since 1996, locals curse this unhealthy interest in them planted wheat.

alo that lost a significant portion of the crop, twisted ears on circles, it is impossible to collect even more damage to bring them curious ufologists. With their light hand on the field come the curious crowds that trampling farmlands around the mysterious circles. While this is only the onlookers ... But who can guarantee that the mysterious circles will not be a guide for landing the "alien" , as happened in August 21, 1955 at the American farm (village Kelley sht.Kentukki), owned by Sutton family. At this time on the farm were seven adults and three children. At 7 pm Aug. 21, 1965 One of the men, Bill Taylor, went to fetch water. Suddenly he saw in the sky, a large luminous object that was flying, then stopped and sat down somewhere in the ravine.

Back at the house, Bill spoke about what he saw the luminous body. All agreed that it was "shooting star", and sat down to supper. After a while a dog barked. The two men took their guns and went out into the yard to see what was happening. What they saw, could deal a body blow anyone. As the court went on phosphorescent creature meter growth with huge ears and hands up. Both men fired without hesitation. The creature fell, but immediately jumped up and disappeared. According to eyewitnesses, the sound was such that if the bullets hit the empty metal tank. The frightened men returned to the house, locked the door and waited.

After some time, such a creature came near the window. Again the clatter of guns, and being gone. Half an hour there was silence. Men decided to look out into the yard. Ha this time they saw the two monsters at once - one on a tree, another on the roof.

People barricaded themselves. Creatures from time to time appeared near windows and doors, and they were met by gunshots. By 23 o'clock Sutton decided to break the blockade. Jumping out of the house and met no one, they rushed to the cars and rushed to the nearest police station. Back to the farm they came back, accompanied by police.

Hichego was detected, but the next shot could be seen everywhere. As stated by then the sheriff: "These people have seen something strange. I have no doubt. I do not know what it is, but they saw it and fired shots through windows and doors. "

And what can we do? can only wait and prepare ...

Constantine Woodpeckers

In preparing the materials used in site Ufolog and S. Schulman book "Aliens on Russia."

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