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In India, found its spaceport aliens?

September 5 2006

Not so long ago we told you about the mysterious Nazca drawings of the desert in Peru . For the past 80 years, scientists trying to unravel their secrets, but to no avail. Some seriously believe that an ancient Nazca Spaceport aliens. And the problem could be even more difficult.

Just recently it was reported that similar giant signs, formed from direct long trench about a hundred meters each, were discovered in India. The discovery made by a research group led by Dr. R. Karanta

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Education is a straight-line trench width of about 2 m, situated on a hillside about 3 km from the village Havda in Gujarat. Straight lines form a shape that resembles a Roman numeral VI. Area adjacent to the salt-marsh lowlands Rann of Kutch and is located in close proximity to the Indo-Pakistan border.

Kutch district known monuments of the epoch Harapskoy civilization, dating back three thousand years BC, giving scientists reason to assume - strange giant signs come down from time immemorial and have an artificial origin.

Dr. Karant considered the hypothesis of natural, erosional origin of signs, but noted that the erosion of the band is usually parallel to each other. In addition, geologists discovered the trench have a strictly constant width and depth that is unusual for a natural feature

Indian scientists also point out that the discovered near Havda education geographically located on the Tropic of Cancer, which is less than 30 arc-minutes north of it. This fact may indicate that the signs used in astronomical or religious purposes.

Archaeological studies show that Harapskaya civilization has extensive astronomical and geographical knowledge. For example, streets in the cities of the era exactly oriented to the cardinal.

By the way, the huge figures, such as images of the desert Nazca found in other countries. For example, in the natural park Sahama (Bolivia), where the mysterious images, visible only from the air.

In addition, similar figures are available in the U.S. (Ohio), in England, Ustyurt (Kazakhstan), South Urals, Altai, in Africa (south of the lake. Victoria), Ethiopia and many other places, that is all around the ball.

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