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A mirror can bring good luck and

September 3 2009

12503.jpeg Mirrors have long been credited with magical properties. Everyone knows that they serve not only as a means of reflection, but an excellent tool for divination, have been associated with many signs. And if we know how to them "communicate"?

Multiple "mirror" signs, according to researcher and author of "These mysterious mirror Vitaly Pravdivtsev, caused not just superstition, but quite natural causes.

Thus, the custom to close the mirror if the dead person in the house, caused by fear to see in the mirror nezaveshennom coffin or the ghost of the deceased. And, according to various accounts, such cases do happen. After all, thought the household and revolves around the corpse and burial!

"Breaking a mirror - to the trouble!" It is experimentally proved that the mirrored surface "has a memory" - gather and store physical information about everything ever recorded in them.

But when the surface cracks, the information randomly "cleared" through them into the surrounding space. Consequences - unpredictable. Hence - the ban on pregnant women and children under one year old look in the mirror.

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According to legend, smash the mirror - seven years experience misfortune. But this terrible consequences can be avoided by breaking the mirror, do a ritual: to throw salt over my shoulder, three times to turn counterclockwise, and then set fire to the splinters of the mirror. Blackened from fire debris should be kept for a year and then bury them. Then you will find just one bad year, instead of seven.

12505.jpeg "Guessing at the mirror - is extremely dangerous!" At first glance, this seems very simple divination: at midnight trying to guess a person sits down to a single mirror and back to the other, lights a candle and peered into the dark mirrored corridor, which should show narrowing or bride .

But the scary story goes - brave dared to learn his fate so often later found to be damaged in the mind, or even dead. According to legend, if not keep an eye on time and do not say goodbye to "narrowing", it will come out of mirrors and stifle "the future sweetheart."

Most likely, the reason for everything - the overly sensitive. I am wondering, looking in the mirror, falls into a trance, he mereschatsya some pictures, and as a result he was so frightened that can not withstand the heart. Therefore speculate on the mirror is recommended only to those who have a healthy heart and strong nerves.

And yet it is believed that the mirror brings good luck. The more of them in the house, the better. Thus, in the hallway mirror must: absorbs negative energy, which can bring into the house owners or guests. Not without reason there omen: if he returned half-way for a forgotten thing - always look in the mirror, otherwise the path will not be.

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If you have a bad mood, stand before a mirror and look closely at his eyes. The mood will improve.It is recommended to hang a mirror next to a table in the living room or kitchen - it will attract the house wealth and riches.

12504.jpeg Never hang a mirror in such a position that it was "cut off" his head to any of the household. In this case, he will suffer from headaches. But it is worth and hang it too high.

Some parapsychologists are advised not to hold the mirror in the bedroom as well as in a dream we can experience negative emotions, whose energy will be reflected in the mirror. This could lead to a morning that we wake up with a bad mood and feeling.

Experts in Feng Shui acknowledges the presence in the room of mirrors, but stipulate that they must be located so that we have not seen them myself (except when going to see them).

Also, remember that mirrors visually expand "space. If the room for sleep has a large area, you may feel uncomfortable, bumping look at the "parallel world" behind the mirror. A small cramped room mirror, on the contrary, will make it more comfortable for you. The main rule - do not hang a mirror on the wall opposite to that in which the bed stood.

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Oh, and in any case should not place a mirror on the ceiling or to arrange a mirror wall - at least, in a residential or business premises where people reside.

Маргарита Троицына

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