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"Home" magic to attract visitors and good luck

January 3 2010

Long since it was believed that any home work is a kind of magical ritual that you want to spend all the rules - not in vain in this respect there are so many people will and beliefs. "Home" magic "works" and in modern apartments. You can bring in your house money and pleasing the guests, as you can - quarrels and envy. Do not want to trouble? Then do not give up the heritage of their ancestors.

Do beliefs regarding homework, long story.

For example, the phrase "to wash dirty linen in public", meaning that people make their family problems public, especially not at all a roundabout.

In ancient times believed that it is impossible to sweep debris over the threshold of the home: it could bring damage, because he was energetically connected to the house. Sor carefully collected and burned in a furnace or buried in a secret location.

Modern sign reads: "You can not take out the garbage after sunset - the money will not be. In ancient times believed that in the twilight of the house visited by light forces. Seeing the dirt, they may no longer be and, accordingly, not to show the owners of its location. So that the affluent can not see them as their ears!  

You can not sweep or wash the floor immediately after the departure of a man who you are near and dear. Human footprints contain particles of the aura, and if they persist, then sooner or later, the "boss" would return for them. If the "wash away" tracks at once, they will dissolve, and there is nothing left. But you can safely start a cleaning service, once your house has left an unwanted guest or homeborn slave, whom you do not want to see.

It is not excluded that in this case he does not want to come back here more.  

Broom and the broom - Is a special case. Magical traditions associated with a broom, goes back to antiquity. In ancient China, the revered goddess of the broom Hsiao Chin Nian. It is also called Lady with a broom. She lived in the Star Brooms Xiao Chou and control the weather. If it rained for a long time, Chinese peasants were cut out of paper and attach it with a broom to the fence. So they called for help goddess, begging her to send a nice, sunny weather.

In the Mexican Indians - Aztecs existed its counterpart ladies with a broom - the goddess Tlasolteotl. It is usually depicted with a broom in hand or riding a broomstick. Aztec priests smoked in her honor, black incense and cast into the fire reed brooms - the personification of the goddess. It was believed that it "sweeps" the sins and evil deeds.

In Russia have long believed that it is impossible to bring an old broom or a broom into a new house - it promises to owners of misfortune. If you bought a new broom (broom), first something vmetite her into the house, and then you start to sweep the floors. Broom or broom should always stand up bars - it will attract wealth.

When using them for the first time, it is useful to make a wish - certainly come true. If accidentally dropped the broom out of your hands, too, make a wish, and only then raise it.

They say that mops and floor cloths also possess magical properties. It is useful to hang a rag on the back of the house (if you live in a private home). Then you become immune to black magic. However, in this case it is better do not use this cloth for cleaning.

e is to step or jump over lying on the floor mop or rag - it's a disaster. Do not be lazy to raise them.   

Dishcloth may also serve as a magical purposes. By the way, they too can carry with them a new place. A good omen is to steal a towel from the lucky neighbors. But then you risk not only to damage relations with our neighbors, but also win over the problems of these people (and there are problems at all). Therefore, better still use its own.

Every year they gather all the old rags that had accumulated in the house, junk, and those things that just litter the apartment, and throw them away, or even better - burn (if this is the right place). Along with them go all the quarrels and resentments that dogged you this year.   

Diana Merlin

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