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Who will reveal the mystery of the Nazca desert?

September 1 2006

Mysterious images of the desert Nazca in Peru. Even after 80 years of painstaking research, scientists are not one iota closer to disclosing the secrets of their origin. What it is: an Indian astronomical calendar or spaceport aliens?

"Guiding pointers to strangers" - so named these mysterious bands in a Spanish chronicle of 1547. It was the first mention of them, however, later on they somehow forgot. But in the beginning of XX century paintings opened again, and with what a furore! Hundreds of scientists rushed to Peru to study the bizarre characters, mystics sought in them a sacred meaning and doomsday predictions, just the "Opera" aviators considered a matter of honor to fly over the desert with strange marks and see them in all varieties.

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Today we know a little more than 30 drawings of Nazca, including monkeys, spiders, astronauts, trees, hands, stars and much more. But this is only 0,2% of the total number of images. Home riddle - it's lines and bands, which are about 13 thousand! In addition to these giant plateau covering about 700 geometric figures: triangles, trapezoids, spirals.

Complex drawings located 450 kilometers from the capital of Peru, Lima. Its total area reaches more than 50 kilometers from north to south and 5.7 kilometers from west to east. Thus, the mysterious lines (geoglyphs scientifically) cover the surface of the desert area of approximately 500 square kilometers. Magnitude, indeed, space.

At first glance, the image at Nazca - it's just grooves dug in the sandy soil with a depth of 10 to 30 centimeters. The width of some bands can reach 100 and even 200 meters and a length of 100 kilometers!

Now the phenomenon of Nazca usually referred to around the middle of I millennium BC, and attributed his creation of a local Native American culture Nazca. Scientists believe: the pictures were made by ancient Indians by hand using simple tools.

This hypothesis, however, gives rise to many questions. For example, what happened to thousands of cubic meters of dredged material? Groove because the sides do not have any dumps on both sides. That he was thoroughly dispersed through the desert?

In addition, the surface of the plateau is that the car drove through it forever leaves her traces of wheels. So today the territory of Nasca carefully guarded, and for damage to the figures, even unintentionally, threatened with imprisonment (!) For up to five years or a fine of up to 30 thousand dollars. Meanwhile, the Indians performed here in droves because complex earthworks - "paint" the shape and bandwidth of several tens of meters wide and hundreds of meters or even kilometers long. A trace of their feet or some hints on the trail is not here! Yes, the trails can be found on hillsides, where before the organization of the reserve in 1946, there were farmers here. But there were no roads, which should have left thousands of feet of builders at Nazca were found.

Perfectly straight lines and bands crossing each other repeatedly run away to the horizon, crossing parched riverbeds, climbing the hills and in this case not just without deviating from its course.None of the 30 currently available hypothesis does not explain how it was possible with such precision raschertit such a huge distance. Modern surveying techniques do not allow for cross-country straight line length of 8 kilometers, while ignoring the folds of relief that the deviation did not exceed 0.1%. And the ancient creators of the Nazca drawings are done.

Why were these images created? Someone from the scientists say their astronomical appointing someone to the cult. One of the most famous figures Researchers Maria Reiche believed that the main lines and bands indicate the point of the most important rising stars and planets, and drawings of animals and birds can be earthly projections of the constellations.

And since the creation of everything is not clear. Radiocarbon investigations indicated that the ceramics and the remains of wooden stakes, found near the lines correspond to the Nazca culture. Therefore, decided that geoglyphs made these very Indians about one and a half thousand years ago. But the "evidence" they say most of the people of Nazca visited these drawings. As noted by one of the articles on ancient drawings, plaques of the twentieth century on the Kremlin wall does not mean that it was built the Red Army generals.

Love Petrukhin

Константин Дятлов

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