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Mermaid and the aliens in human hands: Truth or Fiction?

August 1 2006

Charming little mermaid tales from Anderson is known all over the world. Beautiful, sad and bronze, it sits modestly on the quay in Copenhagen, so it saw the sculptor Edward Eriksen. In the Disney cartoon mermaid appears as the young big-eyed beauty with outstanding forms.

A U.S. resident of St. Petersburg (Fla.) for sure too imagine mermaids indescribable beauties, while the Atlantic coast, he did not came across a strange ugly body. Probably the mysterious creature was washed up on the sand the tide. Most of all it looks like a giant, humanoid vobla.

Enterprising "Petersburger" immediately took a few photos of mermaid and put it on the Internet auction site eBay. The buyer was found quickly and the remains of "monster mermaid" for 1550 dollars gained a new owner.

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Many skeptics are suspicious enough to this whole story, because the starting price for the body of unseen monster was only $ 2. In the meantime, the seller put up for sale in other lots, including the body of the sea monster.

The corpse of a mermaid was sold by auction (pictures)

Mermaid secret revealed author of the blog on . He argues that being sold - the product of an artist Juan Cabana, who lives in the U.S., and operates in an unusual genre. His sculptures are made of real flesh of once living fish and creatures from the real scale of the bones and skeletons. On his website he claims that they are real, that he really found them near the sea. But Juan, like all people, not fully consistent. From time to time in some forums, he acknowledged that he had made these sculptures with their hands.

This is not the first nor the loudest story about the controversial findings of mysterious creatures known to our contemporaries. In 1995, a London businessman Ray Santilli released the contents of his television documentary "Alien Autopsy - Fact or fiction?" On the front pages of magazines in more than twenty countries.

The film includes a documentary reportage of the sample 1947 on the alien autopsy made in the field the U.S. secret services. Pathologists butchered corpse of an alien who has and outside, and inside it was not like other people: and the fingers on his hands and feet six, and the brain without convolutions, and content rather bloating without guts, but with some quite unfamiliar bodies.

Tape caused a lot of opposing views. Santilli has always maintained that the film was examined, which resulted in the setting - he actually filmed in 1947. In fact, it's not quite true.

Were investigated only snippets of film, which shot the film, but none of them contains scenes from the film, broadcast on television or movie recorded on videotape. Consequently, the question of time shooting the film still remains open.

Most researchers believe a UFO film Santilli fake and accused of fraud, but to date there is no real evidence that Santilli is the counterfeiters.Moreover, it can cause some arguments in favor of the authenticity of the film.

1 April 1950 "Visbadener tageblatt", the newspaper of the West German city of Wiesbaden, published sensational pictures showing the pilot "flying saucer", the alleged victim before the accident near the city.

In the note accompanying the photograph, explaining that the captured alien has one foot in the disc at the end and moves with short hops.

On the hands - on four fingers with original claws. This photo shows the stranger was shown, accompanied by two officers of the American occupation army, one of whom had an oxygen machine, facilitates breathing alien.

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Since then, the picture for more than thirty years of wandering through the pages of publications devoted to "flying saucer". He is considered by many enthusiasts as irrefutable proof of attendance of the Earth by intelligent beings from other worlds. Were created whole legend about what happened next to the pilot of extraterrestrial aircraft.

Only in 1981 Klaus Vebner, a skeptic from Wiesbaden, decided to get to the truth and found out that the sensation of 1950 - just a April Fools joke.

Constantine Woodpeckers

Materials: News of America, Cnews,, UFO Navigator.

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